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About Pistolette

Hey from LA!
As you may have noticed, I have relocated to LA! I've missed New York dearly, but nevertheless, listening to my intuition turned out to be so rewarding, and I've been loving every single day in LA.
Now like many others, I'll have to divide my love between two coasts!

 NEW NEW  ▲▲▲
One unexpected benefit of moving across the country into new and unfamiliar territory, is it has a way of clearing the mental clutter, and making room for fresh thoughts and new ideas.
Now more than ever is a good time for clarity, so I've been doing a lot of clearing and creating. I cant wait to share those manifestations with you in the coming year!

SALE  ▲▲▲
But first, I must clear physical space, too.
Ergo, there is a massive sale on the site to make room for an entirely new line.
This sale is different than any previous sale- this will be the last time any past styles are available. Styles will be discounted up to 60% off, and once inventory is sold out it will not be restocked; it's gone for-e-ver.  There is no special code, prices are already updated on the website.

P.S. The next collection will be under an 
entirely. different. name.