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Designer Elissa French believes when you look good, you feel good, and self-confidence can be your best weapon. In this line, unexpected details and prints are juxtaposed with clean silhouettes and a flawless fit, setting the new standard for dressing with ease and excellence. Your wardrobe should reflect your individual beauty and creativity, and Pistolette is stepping up to the challenge with new classics that are designed and manufactured locally in NYC.

Versus Fashion is a new blog from Pistolette, that provides a space to explore different perspectives on fashion, through conversation with women from various artistic and professional backgrounds. This blog is for those whose interests lie beyond celebrities and seasonal trends, but rather in how fashion relates to other matters- be it art, communication, profession, society, or identity.                       

Hailing from the Midwest, Elissa French received a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design in Chicago, and immediately relocated to New York City where she began working for a local Brooklyn designer, specializing in unique, limited-edition garments.  Later on, she worked for an upscale contemporary dress designer in the Bridal industry. The influence of exclusive independent design, paired with the experience of higher-end construction techniques, is reflected in her first line, Pistolette.
Elissa is striving to create a modern brand that represents individuality and empowerment for women everywhere.

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